Our brands

Our brands have a common purpose – to help people thrive and grow. In both public and private settings. Today and tomorrow.

Götessons – products for office, conference and hotel workplaces.

Our products are always developed with people in mind, to create environments where you will thrive and can perform at your best. A well-functioning workplace is based on good acoustics, ergonomic seating, effective lighting and a creative, colourful and aesthetically pleasing environment.

David design – iconic, sustainable, and functional furniture and accessories.

David design is a well-established international brand with a vision that accords quality, function and sustainability paramount importance when manufacturing iconic, functional and sustainable furniture.

AM Acoustics – comprehensive solution to all acoustic challenges

The sound environment affects human health. Akustikmiljö has more than 30 years of experience in acoustic products and solutions. Together, we are a competent team that covers all areas from knowledge, in-house production, and site visits, which means that we can deliver a comprehensive solution.

We want to earn our customers’ respect in a world of constant change. In recent years, revolutionary digitalisation, sustainability and now the pandemic have resulted in more people working from home, which demands both breadth and edge in approach. With our brands and the values we create, we are properly equipped. Steadfast, but never still.

Jessica Carlstein, koncernmarknadschef Götessons Design Group