We’re driven by creating better and more sustainable workplaces, where people can thrive and are able to perform throughout their working day. We call it Human Design.

We exist because we’re sustainable – for people, the environment, and development.

Sustainability is a broad concept. Before, it was mostly about the environment, that is, our planet, nature, and the resources around us. And for us at Götessons Design Group, the state of our planet is an important reason for working towards a more sustainable business; however, sustainability has always been more than that to us. The very reason we exist is to create better and more sustainable workplaces, where people can thrive and are able to perform well throughout their working day. Simply put – Human Design. Together, we can do our bit for a better world and run more sustainable businesses at the same time.

Rethink and turn old into new

Changing established routines can be hard. We’ve now taken a step forwards, into the circle. We’ll redouble our efforts for a sustainable future and show what it means to create a loop. We want to use our products and materials over and over again. That would be a start of thinking circularly from the drawing board to a finished product. In materials, design, and services. For furniture and interiors.

Sustainable people

The sound environment must not be forgotten. It’s essential for thriving, wellbeing and success. We live in a world where many people experience immense stress and pressure, and we’re convinced that the sound environment plays a large and important role in being able to bring about change. That’s why our products are always made with an emphasis on people.

Sustainable materials

When developing products, we always try to think smart, and we choose our materials with care. In our efforts to always pick good materials, we always start by keeping the number of suppliers low. We have an opportunity to adjust the design and use the same environmentally friendly and functional materials by keeping the product flora down. It gives us control over our products and puts our creative ability to the test.

Sustainable logistics

With a high level of sales and a lot of freight, deliveries are an important factor. We’ve made major improvements to help reduce our CO2 emissions year on year. Environmental work shouldn’t be seen as a cost. For us, it’s the complete opposite. Efficient and correct production processes give us an economic advantage instead. At the same time, we’re looking after the environment.

Sustainable design

It is an art and, sometimes, a challenge to place design, function and sustainability on an equal footing. Götessons Design Group always works consciously, in a smart way and with an emphasis on people. That’s how we create furniture and interiors that last longer than trends.




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